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5 Reasons Why to Study in Slovenia

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Founded in 1991, Slovenia is a young country (just over 30 years old!), but it has already carved a name for itself in the heart of Europe as the home of beautiful landscapes, lakes, and dramatic scenery.

Other than nature lovers, foreign students who seek an attractive study environment have been visiting this beautiful country in recent years. Although data shows that international students represented 4.5% of all students in the 2017-2018 academic year, their numbers have significantly increased by 11% in just the past year.

You might be curious to know why foreign students have started flocking to Slovenia, which could spark an interest for you to study there as well! You may also want to know if it is possible to study in Slovenia without IELTS, as well as the living conditions and cost of living there.

Here are five reasons why you should study in Slovenia:

Excellent Education

Slovenian universities are known for quality social, natural science, and technical study programmes based on the Bologna Declaration.

For one, the University of Ljubljana is the country's oldest and largest educational institution. As an international student, why study in Ljubljana? Besides offering numerous English-taught studies, its foreign student population rose from 2,476 to 3,653 in the past few years – around 9% of all its students.

In Slovenia, you can find both traditional and modern institutions offering internationally recognised degree programs across a wide range of disciplines. On top of that, Slovenia does not require an IELTS test for students who attended an English-taught school previously.

Day to Day is Easy and Affordable

For one thing, you do not need to know Slovene to study there, and you can get around quite well with a basic understanding of the language. As many Slovenians speak at least one foreign language fluently, usually English or German, but also Italian or Hungarian, you're likely to have friendly conversations with locals.

Furthermore, accommodation costs are affordable, with monthly prices usually ranging from 80 to 150 EUR for rooms in student dormitories, with room and board included. Even though private flats are pricier – especially in the capital Ljubljana – you can expect prices only to be around 20% higher, which is still considerably lower than in other major European cities.

Delectable Food and Activities

Other than quality education, Slovenia has plenty to offer. You can try the Slovenian cuisine for its mouth-watering dishes, such as the Štruklji or rolled dumplings, whose first recipes date back to the 16th century. Additionally, the Kremna rezina, consisting of custard, cream, and puff pastry is a truly delectable Slovenian dessert.

To burn off some of the delicious food, Slovenian students can take advantage of many discounts for activities such as enrolling in fitness centres or playing the country's most popular sport, football. There are other skills-learning opportunities as well, such as language courses and photography workshops that help you make friends with other students, both foreign and local.

The Parties and the Nightlife

In the mood for a crazy night of fun? Slovenia has got you covered! Student parties are all around, and plenty of clubs and concerts will leave you more than satisfied.

When you study in Ljubljana, you can expect great parties. The city is known for its thriving nightlife and is home to the most number of locals, so you can expect to find pockets of clubs and bars to hop around in. Slovenia's capital is small enough that you can visit most of the walking clubs, given its small size.

Be Engrossed in the Rich Culture

Slovenia has a well-developed network of cultural institutions compared to other European nations. From classical music to street theatre, numerous festivals are held throughout the country, showcasing a wide variety of music and literature festivals that you can visit.

You can easily see that every Slovenian landscape is characterised by its unique form of folk architecture. For instance, various preserved old houses and homesteads have been converted into museums or heritage-protected villages. There are many opportunities to get immersed in Slovenia's vibrant culture.

A Nature Lover’s Dream

Slovenia is often lovingly called the "green country" because of its rich woods and natural landscapes. As the leaves change colour, the woods turn into almost rainbow-coloured scenes in the autumn.

You will also discover amazing caves in the southwest region that offer a unique underground experience. There are over 1,000 caves in Slovenia, and each year about 100 new ones are discovered, with Postojnska Cave being one of the most breathtaking in the country.


The cost of studying in Europe can be high, and the language can be a barrier. Having said this, Slovenia is an up-and-coming go-to destination for international students that offers the sweet spot of affordable living, cultural diversity, a fun lifestyle, and excellent education opportunities that you should definitely consider.


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